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WiFi Temperature Monitoring

Data is streamed wirelessly over a WiFi network and can be viewed and downloaded from the Cloud or PC – without the requirement to physically download data to the PC. View and make changes to any sensor setting or download temperature recordings remotely. Alarm alerts are emailed to mobile devices.
*WiFi/internet connection required.


Temperature Monitoring

  1. The maximum and minimum temperature of the pharmacy refrigerator should be recorded at a minimum at least once a day.
  2. The temperature recording equipment should be calibrated annually and appropriate records maintained.
  3. Monitoring and recording of temperature can be undertaken manually or automatically by Wi-Fi.
  4. Wi-Fi monitoring automatically updates and stores temperature (wireless router required) the Wi-Fi monitoring system will also send alerts via email or text informing of deviations to temperatures or alarms.



Some of our clients include

  • Kerins' Pharmacy
  • Allcar Pharmacy
  • Lloyds'Pharmacy
  • McSharry's Pharmacy