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Why have calibration and maintenance health checks?

  1. To ensure your pharmacy fridge, pharmacy balance, and temperature monitoring systems are operating and calibrated correctly on an annual or bi-annual basis.
  2. To maintain compliance with the Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland (PSI) guidelines for annual maintenance and calibration checks.
  3. To maintain Cold Chain compliance.
  4. To increase your refrigeration system's life span, reliability, and energy efficiency.

What do our preventative maintenance health checks cover?

  1. The correct operation of your pharmacy refrigerator, balance, and temperature monitoring systems.
  2. Temperature calibration and mapping are fully traceable to national standards (INAB/UKAS/DKD).
  3. Full clean and inspection of working parts including the door gasket.
  4. Performance tests of alarm checks and other associated components.

Why from Us?

  1. We offer an on-site calibration service with a certificate on completion.
  2. We are specialized in pharmacy fridge calibration, temperature monitoring, pharmacy balance calibration, and temperature calibrations.
  3. We have been in the pharmaceutical industry for the last 20 years and partner with many of the leading pharmacy groups and independent pharmacies to ensure compliance.
  4. All your pharmacy fridges, balances, and temperature monitoring systems will be calibrated using specialised equipment.
  5. We can assure you that our service will be at a comprehensive price.
  6.  We will work around your schedule and minimise your process downtime.
  7. Our expert product technical knowledge is what makes the difference we understand the core principles of commercial refrigeration.
  8. Discounts when combining pharmacy fridges and pharmacy balance calibrations on a single site call.

Common maintenance issues

  1. Domestic fridges are used to store medicinal products which cannot be properly calibrated or checked due to uneven temperatures ranging between 0°C and 10°C with additional fluctuation resulting from the opening and closing of the door.
  2. Overpacking may result in the blocking of the fan which circulates the air and lead to the freezing up of the pharmacy refrigerator.
  3. Insufficient space for ventilation around pharmacy refrigerators which are not designed as integrated appliances unless previously specified. Poor ventilation results in elevated ambient temperature around the pharmacy refrigerator. In cases of poor ventilation circulation fans disperse the air as a solution along with making ventilation holes that surround the cabinet.
  4. The high ambient temperature where the pharmacy refrigerator is located combined with poor ventilation will result in damage to the fridge operation and potential loss of product. High ambient in the dispensary can be resolved by the installing of air conditioning which has been correctly sized for the location.
  5.  Accumulation of dust and dirty during standard operation can affect the operation of the cooling system.

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