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Temperature Mapping

What is Temperature Mapping?

  • Temperature mapping is a process of temporarily installing calibrated sensors for 24 hours, to record the temperature at different points with a pharmacy fridge, cold room, or even a warehouse if needed too.
  • The mapping sensors are placed above the highest point at which the products can be stored and below the lowest point at which the products can be stored.
  • This data allows the companies to understand the hot and cold spots within the specified environment.

Why should you conduct temperature mapping?

  • To ensure that your product is in an ideal environment and to follow the regulatory guidelines.
  • By conducting temperature mapping you can determine the effects of people’s interaction with the opening and closing of the door to the environment of the fridge.
  • It also helps you to understand the effect of power or fan failure will have on the products.
  • Also, it helps to understand the temperature distribution effect when the space is filled or empty.

How often you should conduct temperature mapping?

Usually, temperature mapping is performed either once or twice a year. Once in summer and once in winter as the humidity affects the temperature points.

How do we conduct the mapping procedure?

  • Firstly, we place the data loggers in an empty fridge. Collect the first mapping data for 24hrs.
  • When empty mapping is completed, we ask the customer to place products in the fridge for full mapping. The second mapping is also conducted for 24hrs.
  • We also perform the open-door test, in which the door is left open for 1min and note the time required for fridge to come back into temperature.
  • Results are analyzed to ensure temperatures meet the testing criteria

How can we help?

  • At Acemedical we have qualified and certified engineers who will conduct temperature mapping
  • Once the temperature mapping is complete, we will provide you with a detailed report compiled of all the results.

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