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Goods are guaranteed in accordance with the terms of the manufacturer’s parts warranty of 1 year from delivery unless labour warranty is selected at time of purchase. Items selected with part warranty only means we are responsible to provide a replacement part (if required) in case of breakdown. The labour repair cost is covered by the purchaser of the Product. Faulty parts must be returned prior to the dispatch of the replacement.
Where a replacement is approved instead of a repair the replacement will be of similar age and condition as the original product and will benefit from the balance outstanding of the original warranty.
This warranty applies to customers based in the Republic of Ireland.
Goods marked ‘no commercial warranty’ are sold without any warranties unless otherwise stated. No Goods will be sold on a ‘sale or return’ basis without prior written approval by acemedical.ie.
All equipment will be repaired on site during normal business hours (8.30am – 17.00pm Monday to Friday)

Warranty Exceptions

The warranty does not apply to goods that have not been paid for in full and/or any defect in the Goods caused by the fault, negligence or failure of the Customer to adhere to manufacturer instructions (including poor maintenance, de-scaling and cleaning).

Consumable items such as batteries, controller, screen, buttons, light bulbs and light tubes, fuses, door seals/gaskets, locks and keys, feet, wheels or castors, shelves and supports, drawer fronts or compartment flaps, power leads and plugs.

Faults arising from unfair wear and tear, misuse, accidental damage, modification, incorrect or failed services to the unit, failure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions, abnormal storage or working conditions, willful damage or negligence by the user are not covered by the warranty.

If the product is subject to repair or attempted repair by third parties without the prior approval of Ace Medical then the warranty is invalidated.
Where a product requires installation by qualified personnel, and that installation is not carried out by a qualified contractor will invalidate the warranty
goods other than the statutory warranty of title are expressly excluded and Ace Medical shall be under no liability to the Buyer for any loss, damage or injury (including special, direct, indirect or consequential loss and loss of profit resulting from defective materials, faulty workmanship by employees or agents.
We reserve the right to charge the user, or initiator of a claim under this warranty, if the product is subsequently found not to be faulty, or any fault present falls outside the scope of the warranty as a result of one or more of the exclusions listed above. Charges will be made at our normal service rates for labour, parts, travel or freight, and any other associated costs incurred by acemedical.ie in respect of inspection and subsequent repair or disposal of customer’s property that falls outside the scope of this warranty.

Warranty Procedure:

If you believe your product to be faulty in the first instance please contact the acemedical.ie using the contact details below. In order for us to process your call we will need the following information:

-The product code for the faulty equipment
-The serial number of the product
-A copy of the original invoice or delivery note
-An indication of the fault or problem
-The address and location of the unit
-Name, telephone number and email address of the person responsible for the product with whom we should liaise over further action.

What you can expect from acemedical.ie:

Our objective will always be to provide you with an appropriate solution as rapidly as possible. This may mean asking you questions, or requesting that you to make checks or adjustments to provide further information in order to narrow down the issue.

The procedure will be as follows:
-Your details and those of your product (as indicated above) will be recorded on our system against your product’s unique serial number.
-We may make suggestions for a solution over the phone, or you may be put in contact with a technical adviser.
-It may be possible to resolve the problem or provide an indication of the next step during your initial call.
However if this is not possible we promise to call  you back within one working day with further information.
-You will receive a confirmation email with a unique call reference number by email within 30 minutes of completing your call to us.
-Where an engineer is required to attend site we will do our best to get one to you within 3 working days