Introducing the Light Store – Automating Intelligent warehouse system

 5 Reasons why automating is essential for your businesshelloworld

Top 5 reasons why automating is essential for your business

Light Store is a new product which has been introduced to the Ace Medical range. Assisted by LEDs, the automating intelligent warehouse system, allows you to store stock and control it efficiently. It’s designed to optimize the sales process of drugs and automating up to 80% of your sales.

1. Optimize cost structure and increase dispensing capacity

The automated solution involves not only reducing the workload, but also facilitates the processes of pharmacies. An automated system allows staff to work more efficiently and focus more on customer service.

2. Space optimization

Allows for more storage capacity.

3. Get more time for pharmaceutical care through optimization of staff tasks

The average time between customer and pharmacist interaction is only 3.5 minutes. Without a system of storage and dispensing of medicines, we must subtract from that time about 126 seconds which are invested in going to search for and collect the medicines requested by the patient, ie, 60% of the interaction. This does not leave much time to assist and advise each patient properly.
With the Light store this process is completely different; No need to run to find the specific product through piles of medicines, but have much more time to ensure assistance and more personalized advice. An automated warehouse means less stress for workers and less work placement stock.

4. To improve the organization and simplify processes

The light store optimizes all Stock Management processes at the pharmacy helping you to avoid mistakes.
A pharmacist is able to reduce the dedication of placing orders for three hours a day to half an hour.

5. Fully automate for greater efficiency

Optimized product cycles, properly organized storage and dispensing greater capacity. Efficient processes at the counter and in the back office, improving customer experience and satisfied employees.

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